I Don’t Use a Spoon to Stir my Coffee and Other Coffee-Related Epiphanies

As humans we are proud of truly odd things about ourselves. We find odd ways to congratulate ourselves for a job well done, no matter the strangeness of the job. It starts when we are young. Our little selves pull a shirt over our heads and push our arms through the sleeves and we celebrate as “Big Kids!!”

It just continues from there.

I am no different in this celebration of the mundane. In fact, as I was preparing to make myself a cup of coffee this morning, I congratulated myself on my brilliance.

What is so brilliant about a cup of coffee?

You mean, besides its life-sustaining necessity, right? 
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It is the fact that I haven’t used a spoon to stir my coffee in years! Years! I tell you! Do you realize what this means?

I have not had to wash at least 730 extra spoons!

The time and effort I have saved by coming up with the simplest of ideas – pouring creamer into my coffee cup before pushing the brew button!

Seriously this is such a no-brainer, life-altering idea that I am still congratulating myself on it years later. What’s more it works if you make your coffee the old fashioned way (I haven’t in so long I can’t remember how) or the modern way (love my Keurigs, yes that is plural for a reason).

You might be thinking this lady is a genius. (Why thank you!) But just wait. I have another tip that will blow your toddler-chasing-homeschool-doing- coffee-loving mind!

How many times has this been you?

This tip didn’t even come from my own brain. I had four kids before I saw a brand new mom change the world by taking it back to the 80s.


Who remembers every teacher in the 80s having one of these? Why didn’t we remember these when we started struggling with the whole putting coffee in the microwave and forgetting it for the rest of the day thing? And who is putting this in her Amazon cart right now?

By the way, I used to write over on another blog as a contributor and I wrote more posts about coffee than any other topic. Seriously there were a lot. Here are two of my best:

Aren’t you glad I shared these life-altering tips with you? To keep the sharing going, you can also get a discount on all the fun mugs and stuff at Bits of Grace Creations’s Etsy Shop by using my code: SHB15OFF. I guess my self-congratulating mood is making me generous.

Here’s to your next unstirred, still hot cup.

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