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Hope for Homemakers: What’s Next

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hope for homemakers textNote: this post includes affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive remuneration.  No pressure!  I just bring you things I think you will love.

I didn’t expect to take such a long break from our Hope for Homemakers series.  After we concluded the 28 Days to Hope Challenge, life just crept in and forced me to do other things.  But my brain kept turning and turning over ideas of where to go next.

I gave it a lot of thought based on the feedback here on the blog and from the wonderful Hope for Homemakers group on Facebook and the next thing we are going to accomplish together is:


We are going to get our lives in order, one step at a time!  And the book we will be exploring to help us get there is One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler by Tsh Alexander.


Now I know this sounds a bit daunting and like it is going to be a long process (and it likely will be), but I hope to explore simple ways to start these projects, complete them, and then keep it up!  In our last challenge, we spent 28 days forming the habits that keep our home in better order.  Over the next series we will tackle tasks that make it possible to live more simply and make the time we spend at home with our families more enjoyable and more meaningful.

I am hoping to get going on this series the 4th of November.  You have plenty of time to buy the book and explore it a little bit and let me know where you would like to begin.

I hope this series will be practical for each one of us.  We may shoot off and explore other things while we are working through this book, but I will try to have at least one post about One Bite at a Time each week.  That way we can discuss, learn, and grow into better homemakers together.

If you have not yet joined our Facebook Hope for Homemakers group, will you please consider joining us?  There is much encouragement in this group of hopeful homemakers!  And you will have more influence on where we go next in this series and in future series.  Or, if you would like to receive updates on a weekly basis in your inbox, please sign up for the Hope for Homemakers newsletter.

A quick note about ordering and downloading the book:  If you click through to the site, it will mention getting it for your Kindle, your Nook, or downloading it.  Please note, if you download it to your computer, you can read it on whatever device you have (desktop, laptop, e-reader, etc.).  If you purchase it for Kindle or Nook, you will not be able to read it on another device unless you have a translation software.  You do not need to have a separate e-reader in order to read this book.  You can simply download it to your computer and read it on your desktop.  Alternately, if you have an e-reader, you can still download the printable version and read it on your e-reader of choice.  If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Note: this post includes affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive remuneration.  No pressure!  I just bring you things I think you will love.

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