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Our Favorite Games


Storytime Chess

Math Games

Our Favorite Simple Science Experiments:’

A Drop of Water by Walter Wick

A Ray of Light by Walter Wick

The 101 Coolest Science Experiments by Homer, Miller, & Harrington

A Simple Walk around the Block

We did a rotating family walk for the first time back in December. ⁠
I’m hoping to make it a weekly thing this year. ⁠

I took each kid for a walk around the block. Each conversation was different & and each kid lit up as I told each one about why I’m thankful God made me their mama. ⁠

Our Favorite Homeschool Music Programs

We also love our Gathering Playlists that correspond to the Gathering Placemats. My kids ask for the playlists every morning! ⁠

Homeschool Mom Confession:

I struggle with arts & crafts. They seem like SO much to add to our days. ⁠

BUT… when I actually muster the courage to dive in, it always makes the kids happy and it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be in terms of mess (or even time spent). ⁠

Here are my tips for arts & crafts in homeschool: ⁠
📅 Put it on the calendar⁠
🧱 Limit the space where the mess can happen (we use a washable vinyl shower curtain)⁠
🧼 Have the kids help clean up afterward⁠
⏲️ Set a time limit (one hour, one-half hour should be plenty)⁠

My favorite place to find no-fuss arts & crafts ideas: ⁠
🎨 Kitchen Table Classroom (@kitchentableclassroom)⁠