Fun with Money

It is interesting the learning opportunities that creep up on us throughout the day!  Since we are focusing on eating with a spoon/fork lately, I have noticed Grace needs some practice on her fine motor skills.  An opportunity to do just that appeared this evening as we were playing in the living room and she pointed out her piggy bank. 

We took it down and D brought over some coins and helped her to figure out how to put them in there.  Success!  With such a small object, she was surprisingly good at putting it in there, but she had a little bit more difficulty when we worked on the same motor skill (putting an object in a slot) on her play mailbox and letters.  We are so proud of her improvement, but she still has a little bit more work to do.  Hopefully these little things will transfer to the dinner table!

Oh, and I think we have a bank robber on our hands.  She took off with it!

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