Farm Fun

farm maze photo

We are in the midst of a Farm Unit for our Tot School for Twos with G and so we have farms on the brain.  Even W is getting in on the action and playing and learning about farm animals!  And there are a couple of places you can go to check out all the action:

Play Grow Learn ezine

Play.Grow.Learn. e-magazine features an article I wrote about a Farm Maze I created for W.  The whole magazine is an amazing resource for parents and caregivers with LOTS of ideas for interacting positively with little ones.  I am so excited with the way the Farm Maze article turned out…oh and the pictures of W are too cute (yes, I am partial)!

Here is an outtake from our photo shoot: farm maze photo

We did a favorite activity for G with a farm twist last week whilst we were working on our horse unit for Tot School for Twos and I wrote about it this month’s contribution to B-Inspired Mama.  Go check out the fun and intentional activity that is so simple you can do it with your kid today!

horse hunting

And as a little bonus for W because I noticed she really enjoys exploring the contents of things, I created an impromptu discover box for her with a farm theme the other day.  I had a box left from our bluum subscription with some shredded crinkled paper in it (I was saving it for this very purpose).  I took our Little People farm set and buried the pieces in the paper and set the box in front of W.  She enjoyed the paper much more than the pieces, but she did spend some time hunting around for the items.  We talked about each piece she found and said the sound each animal makes.  It was a great, simple activity for her.  Even G enjoyed playing with it after she got up from her nap.

Farm Discovery BoxSo that’s what’s been going on here at our farm.  What’s been going on at yours?

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