3 Simple Answers Preschoolers Must Know

teaching preschoolers what to do if they get lost - 3 answers preschoolers must know

We have been working our way slowly through a preschool unit on community helpers.  And it has given us many opportunities to share important information with our girls in a fun way.  Our Police Men unit was a wonderful opportunity to talk about what to do if you get lost with the girls.  I did some very simple (but effective) things with the girls to help teach them what to do if they are lost.  In the process they learned 3 simple answers they must know if they get lost.  

A Parable

We talked about lost things and I talked with the girls about the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  I read it from A Child’s Book of Grace (unavailable through Amazon right now).  The end of that parable is where they throw a party and say, “Rejoice with me, for I have found my lost sheep.”  We talked about how we would feel if we were lost and how mama and daddy would feel if we lost them.  We addressed that they might feel scared, but that there was a helper that could help them get back to us.

A Project

Then we told the girls the Police Man would ask them 3 things: their name, their parent’s names, and their phone number.

We wrote down all three of these important bits of information on a page I made and printed out for the girls.  And then I showed them our phone number.

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We made up a quick melody to sing our phone number (G sort of already knew our phone number, I guess from overhearing me give it out) and the girls loved to sing it.  It took us less than 10 minutes for both girls to know the phone number.

Pretend Play

Then we put it into practice.  We took turns pretending that each girl was lost.  We asked:

Who do we look for when we are lost?

A policeman!

For the purpose of the exercise, I pretended to be the police man.

Police Man:  What is your name?

Response: (the girls gave their full names)

Police Man:  What are your mama and daddy’s names?

Response: (the girls gave our first and last names)

Police Man:  I need to call your mama and daddy.  Do you know your phone number?

Response: (the girls gave our phone number to the police man)

To take it a step further, we got Daddy’s phone and the girls got to dial the number on the phone (Daddy pretended to be the police officer).  And they called my phone.

When the phone rang, I had a quick conversation with each girl, saying how happy I was that I found them!  I ended each conversation with, “Rejoice with me, I have found my lost G (or W!)!”

They loved it!  And what’s more: they remember it!

How have you taught your little ones what to do if they are lost?  I would love to hear your suggestions!  Please leave a comment below letting me know your tips. 

teaching preschoolers what to do if they get lost - 3 answers preschoolers must know


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