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Alphabet Exploration: Bb

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This week was interesting in the alphabet department.  G was so on A is for…Abby, angel, apple, etc.  That apparently Bb is for…Abby, angel, apple, etc.  Oh, and Bb is for Elmo and Zoe, too.  After the first day of this week, I could not get her to make the connection between B and the words of the day.  We will just keep trying, but I have some new ideas for future weeks.

Here is what we did for this week:

Monday: Bb is for bear.  Boy do we have a bountiful collection of bears around here.  G has one for every two months she has been alive, at least.  We know because as part of today’s exploration we did a bear hunt.  We spent a lot of time with G’s bears and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear as well as Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Are you My Mommy? (featuring a polar bear looking for his mommy).

Tuesday: Bb is for butterfly.  We have a small butterfly toy that G loves, so this was next to her alphabet exploration flannel board in the morning and we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar during the day.  I planned on doing a craft, but life intervened.

Wednesday: Bb is for baby.  We used one of G’s baby dolls as well as her own little sister as our object of the day.  We talked a lot of babies and said B is for baby many times.  She just kept saying B is for Elmo and Zoe.  What shall we do?

Thursday: Bb is for brownie.  To be honest, I was a little late on getting around to our alphabet exploration today, so we threw in a kitchen activity late in the day, making Brownies in a Snowstorm.

Friday: Bb is for basketball.  G has a toy basketball and we are major basketball fans (go Mavs!) around here, so this was a no brainer.  G was born the day before the Mavs won the championship in 2011 and we told her while she was still in my tummy that she could not come on a game day – she complied then and, as a result, is a Mavs fan today.  When basketball games are on, she says, “Go Mavs!” right along with us.  We talked about bouncing a ball and passing a ball (throwing) with D and watched the Mavs game the next day.

New idea for teaching the letters to G: Manipulating the letters.  While I was making breakfast, I gave G the felt letters to play with and talk about.  She enjoyed looking at them and  moving them around her high chair tray.   While she played with them, I told her which one was big B and which one was little b.


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