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Devotion, Growing Up

Home School is NOT an Option

homeschool is NOT an option - some things to consider before you make the decision to home school or to send your kids to traditional school.

You may have read my initial post on the decision-making process we are currently going through to determine if we are going to traditionally school or home school our oldest child.  As I stated in that post, this topic and thought process runs deep and there are many things to consider.  So here is the next thing I have in mind as I make the decision to home school or to send our daughter to traditional school:  In many ways  homeschooling is not an option.  We are our children’s first (and I would argue, primary) teachers whether we recognize it or not.

My kids are watching me.  Every day they are watching me.

I can choose to think this is creepy (and I do), but I cannot change it.

They are observing how I behave, what I say, how I interact with other people, how I spend my time.  And they are creating their perspective of the world and how it works based on my behavior.  They are doing it with my husband, too.  So they are already learning in the school of life that we established the moment we brought them into our home.

Thus My husband and I are, by default, our kids first teachers. Continue Reading


The Simple Truth About the Words we Say to our Kids

One of the first lessons I learned as a parent was to watch what I say.  Somehow having a sweet, innocent child observing and listening to me made me consider each word.  Suddenly, I was aware of terms, innocuous in today’s society, having a deeper significance.

Words like “stupid” and “hate” suddenly regained their hurtful-nature.

A phrase like “I don’t care” stung the way it ought to.

It was as though my words became magnified.  Each offending word was dissected and deemed unworthy of my child’s ears.  Immediately my children had a way of changing the way I communicate.  They made me more aware of the importance of words – the way they can be used to hurt or to heal.

I discovered in my time in God’s Word that God places as much or more significance on the words of my mouth.   He is concerned with what I say so much that He has given many instructions regarding the mouth.  By reading just the book of Proverbs (a good starting place for words of practical wisdom), I realized that God truly cares about what I say.  He even cares how I employ words when talking to my children.  And He sees the pain that “bad” words can inflict; and encourages “good” words as a healing salve. Continue Reading


How to Pick the Best Bible for you

Inductive Bible Study for Kids through the book of John. Chapter 1, verse 8 - a lesson about the witness of John

Most people don’t specifically choose their Bibles.  They are gifted one when they become a believer.  They use their grandmother’s old Bible.  They don’t know what to look for, so they just pick one that is pretty.  Some adults even still carry around their very first Bibles (often a student Bible) just because they want what is familiar to them.

But, did you know that you can pick the best Bible for you based on something concrete? Something that is measured by more than familiarity or fancy?  Based on the quality and accuracy of the translation.  And did you know there is a way to discover if the Bible you hold in your hands is a good and accurate translation?

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Devotion, Growing Up

Gentle Parenting: Examining Admonishment

Gentle Parenting, Examining Admonishment according to God's Word

We are on the last week of our Precept study of 1 Thessalonians and I sat down to do my work this morning with a heavy heart.  Yesterday was full of struggles with our little one.  The latest struggle is one which I feel much less than equipped to walk her through.  I have been at pains to figure out how to teach her truth, with the patience necessary to await her brain to make new connections and then change the behavior.

And, honestly, after my study this morning, I am still not sure of the answers to these concerns.  But I found encouragement and hope in doing a word study of “admonish the unruly” from 1 Thessalonians 5:14.  One of the ways to cement truth into my heart is to do a synthesis of what I have learned.  I thought I would share my synthesis with you, I hope it is encouragement for the parent who is weary of admonishing, or unsure of even how to admonish their little ones.

First, two definitions. Continue Reading