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kids books and authors worthy of collect them all status

If there is anything we as a family collect, it is books.  We are all interested in words on pages (even in the age of tablets and e-readers).  For me, there is just something so soothing about a row of books, neatly lined up on a shelf.  The potential for entertainment in just one book shelf seems almost limitless.  The idea of opening a book and being transported to a new place, a new world, a new mindset is just so appealing!

Thankfully, we have passed this love of words on pages to our kids.  Our girls love books!  We are slowly working our way into a large collection of picture books for our kids.  I got to thinking about our collection and realized there are definite patterns: favorite authors, favorite subjects, and well-loved classics we just could not do without.  I thought it would be fun to share with you what I consider to be collections of books worthy of “collect them ALL” status. Continue Reading

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The Power of Calling Your Kids Good Names

October was recently dubbed Anti-Bullying Awareness Month (or something like that) and the topic has been in the news quite a lot lately.  Everywhere you go you see someone with something to say about the current situation facing kids in schools today.  Our kids are pre-school age and so we thankfully have not had to face any of these things.  Sure our little ones have friends who take away their toys and struggle with sharing, but those things are just the early part of the process of learning how to treat one another.

But the current events regarding bullies and their victims got me thinking about the power of words on people of all ages.  Our words can be used as a healing salve or they can be daggers to the heart and spirit of man.  And I am constantly reminded when talking with my little ones how careful I need to be in choosing my words. Continue Reading