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First Language Lessons – A Review

first language lessons - tips for developing communication and confidence in the early years

This book may have taken us over a year to get through.  I can’t even remember when we started it.  Our slow progress through this book is not due to boredom or disinterest.  Rather it seems life got in the way even as it was becoming a part of our lives.  Through this book we, together, have learned beautiful words, interesting conversations, and simple morals.  We have delighted in language for its structure and its beauty.  And we have gained confidence in public and private speaking.

All that in one little book!!

We just completed Level One of First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise.  It is part of a series published by Well-Trained Mind Press.  And it is WONDERFUL for kids in early elementary!  Approaching instruction classically, it is full of simple lessons for parents and children to work through in just minutes a day.  But it is so rich with language, that it can be enjoyed long after the book is closed. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Multilingual Reads for Tots


I am by no stretch of the imagination multilingual.  But, I do love languages!  Over the years I have studied Latin, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek (and a tiny smattering of Amharic).  I am not fluent in any of these languages, but I have seen the benefits of basic exposure to other tongues.  Generally, when studying other languages, we discover other cultures and customs, as well.  So, I love reading books to our little ones that introduce other languages.  I came up with a list of reads for toddlers and preschoolers for just this purpose and some tips for introducing these books to little ears! Continue Reading