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God’s Plan for $5 bills

Some time ago (I can’t remember exactly when) I started holding on to all my $5 bills.  If I was given a $5 bill in my change, no matter the sacrifice, I held onto it.  I had a specific place for them in my wallet and about bi-weekly, I would transfer the $5 bills to a sort of piggy bank.

Originally, I knew we wanted to save up for a French door refrigerator.  When we bought that (largely with $5 bills), I kept saving the fives.  About a month ago, we bought a new-to-us car and again paid for it with cash (much of it in $5 bills).  Still I kept saving.

It was difficult sometimes when I would only have a $20 bill to pay for something under five dollars only to receive my change in the form of three $5 bills.  It can really cut into the grocery budget sometimes.  But I had made a commitment to save them and saw the Lord’s hand even in the change I was given at the store.  This morning I could see that the idea of saving my $5 bills all that time ago was part of a divine plan. Continue Reading