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Nest Building

Convertible Pillow Pallets for Kids

pillow pallet for kids - a super simple, super comfy project to make for the kids' rooms

It must have been a few years ago, when I was first on Pinterest.  I saw this project that looked like such a great idea, but I had all kinds of questions about it.  First off, I wanted to know: “Where do you store that when you aren’t using it?”  Then I wondered, “How do you clean that?”  And then I thought, “You know that really is genius.”  But I thought, I would do that differently.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have a kid who sleeps on the floor – every.night.  Yep.  She refuses to pass the night in the comfort of her twin bed.  And so I got to thinking about that pillow project and started formulating an idea to make her more comfortable and (possibly) to get her more interested in her bed.

So, I decided to make these, let’s call them: Convertible Pillow Pallets for my girls.  I just knew they would love them!  And I was right…big time!

My middle child came up to me and said, “I like my pillow pallet.  What store did you get it at?”

And I have to admit that I was little bit proud to say, “I didn’t get them at the store.  I made them!” Continue Reading

Growing Up

DIY Glitter Alphabet

Our girls have (finally) been sharing a bedroom for a number of months now.  It took for.ever. to get them in the same room, but now they are happy as clams in there.  And since it took so long to get it done, I kind of took my time in fully decorating the room.  Right now both of them are interested in the alphabet and I knew I wanted something in their room with the alphabet on it.  I set aside an old magnetic board for their room (I got it way back in college!) and went to the dollar store and purchased a set of alphabet magnets.  It took months to get around to the project, but I ended up getting inspired by a haphazard placement of craft items in a bin one morning.  It just so happened that the perfect shade of glitter was sitting next to the alphabet magnets and -bam!- inspiration!  I quickly, like 30 minutes quick, threw together some glitter alphabet magnets for their room!  And I really love the result! Continue Reading