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Growing Up

Team Puzzle Play

We are kind of puzzle lovers around here.  I have loved them since I was a little girl (although I don’t get to work on them often enough anymore).  And G has been interested and has shown an aptitude for puzzles from a very young age.  W came up right behind her loving to work on puzzles, too!  But have you ever tried to do a puzzle with someone else and found yourself hoarding the last piece – so you can be the one to finish it?  Well, my girls have a tendency to create arguments over doing puzzles together.  So I came up with a fun little team building game using some very basic puzzles for the girls.  And it was a big hit!  This game has made puzzle play a lot more enjoyable and has really helped them to learn to work together. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Apple Stacking Game for Preschoolers and Tots

I was rummaging through our preschool bins to find some apples for the girls to play with as we work through the alphabet together and an idea suddenly struck.  I made a simple preschool and toddler game using items that were already on hand. It was so easy and so fun, I decided to share it with you.  The game can be modified to work for almost any application and helped introduce and reinforce lots of preschool and toddler concepts.  Our girls are early 3 and almost 2, so it works for this age group very well. Continue Reading