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Gathering: September 2020

Kicking off the new school year? We started last week, doing just a couple of subjects to start: math and language. We had a few little one-room-schoolhouse things we needed to get done, too. Of course, we also did our Gathering in the mornings. It is such an integral part of our day.

The September 2020 Gathering is going to be SO good! As I look back over the beauty of these simple placemats, I get so excited to share them with my kids. One of the best parts of creating the entire year’s Gathering placemats in the summer is the breathing room provided. I get them all ready, edited, printed, laminated, and then I put them aside until the first day of the new month.

When I get them out again, I glory in the way God has directed the placement of each of these little boxes, placing them just at the right time in our walk with Him, our journey through homeschool, to reach us. I take no credit for the goodness, truth, and beauty they contain. I simply curated and edited them.

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Growing Up

April 2020 Gathering Extras

August 2019 Gathering for families - get the details on this morning time practice for the month.
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This month I desire most for my kids not to lose sight of the cross. Not to forget the empty tomb. In a world that is focused so entirely on everything other than Jesus, I want to impart to them the beauty of the good news. We will be listening to resurrection music this month. We will be reading the story of the Passover Lamb. We will be meditating on the love brought to earth and expressed in death. I invite you to join us.

The Gathering is such an ingrained and cherished part of our family culture that when I made the announcement this week that we only had one or two more days of March’s Gathering, there were groans of disappointment. These were followed quickly by reassurance that we would have new Gatherings next month. I just love the joy my kids have in Gathering.

If this is your first month of sharing the Gathering with your family: Welcome! I pray the Gathering placemats will be a support to you as you refresh, restart, or embark on a morning time routine with your kids. They are a stand alone blessing – morning time made as simple as placing them at a table and inviting attention to them; but I know extras are always a blessing, too! Those are here today, for you.

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