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The Simple Truth About the Words we Say to our Kids

One of the first lessons I learned as a parent was to watch what I say.  Somehow having a sweet, innocent child observing and listening to me made me consider each word.  Suddenly, I was aware of terms, innocuous in today’s society, having a deeper significance.

Words like “stupid” and “hate” suddenly regained their hurtful-nature.

A phrase like “I don’t care” stung the way it ought to.

It was as though my words became magnified.  Each offending word was dissected and deemed unworthy of my child’s ears.  Immediately my children had a way of changing the way I communicate.  They made me more aware of the importance of words – the way they can be used to hurt or to heal.

I discovered in my time in God’s Word that God places as much or more significance on the words of my mouth.   He is concerned with what I say so much that He has given many instructions regarding the mouth.  By reading just the book of Proverbs (a good starting place for words of practical wisdom), I realized that God truly cares about what I say.  He even cares how I employ words when talking to my children.  And He sees the pain that “bad” words can inflict; and encourages “good” words as a healing salve. Continue Reading

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A Christian Mom Looks at Home School

What do spiritual gifts have to do with choosing home school or traditional school?
This entry is part 28 of 27 in the series Homeschool

When we had our first child, I think it was only months (maybe days) before we were asked,

“Are you going to home school?”

I found the question jarring for a number of reasons:

1. Um…she was less than a year old

2. The question implied the answer, not the options available.

3. The question assumed that because I am a Bible teacher, I will be teaching my children in our home.

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