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Pick a Place for Bible Study

You DO have time for Bible study - designating and designing a place for Bible study is key to developing the habit of lifelong devotion to God.
This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series You DO Have Time for Bible Study

Have you ever noticed there are specific places for you to do almost everything in your home?  Typically we have a place where we eat meals with the family and a place we sit and pay the bills.  We have a place we sleep, a place where we fold clothes (we still do that, right?), a place where our kids play?  We even have a place where we sit to be entertained.  But have you set aside a place for Bible study?

We have been working our way through a series together designed to encourage you to create your own lifelong habit of daily devoted time in God’s Word.  First we established you DO have time for Bible study.  Then we talked about the “Yes” and the “No” of Bible study.  Today, I am going to talk about where you will do Bible study. Continue Reading


You DO have time for Bible Study!

how to fit devotion into your busy schedule - create the lifelong habit of bible study, for women who don't think they have the time to sit at the feet of Jesus
This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series You DO Have Time for Bible Study


I was over at a fellow mama’s house the other day.  We have very similar families (eerily similar families). She is a wonderful mama to her kids and loves her husband just like she did when they got married.  We have similar outlooks on lots of parenting questions.  We both love the Lord.  Truly, we are incredibly similar.  And yet, as I was stepping out the door to leave, she said something to me I certainly didn’t agree with.

We were talking about Bible study.  And she said she really loves to do Bible study and loves being involved in a good study with others, but she really doesn’t have the time to do a study at this season in her life.

It made me stop short.  And I didn’t have anything to say for a moment.

Honestly, it is really hard to say these things, but these are the things I wish I had said in that moment.

Nobody does. And…

Everybody does.

As I continued to think about this, I realized devotion to real Bible studies (not bite-sized “inspirations”, not Facebook-liking some Bible quote) is getting more and more rare in the business of our lives.  We have Bible study on our list of to-dos, but it is at the bottom, almost an afterthought. We have convinced ourselves there is a season in which we will have the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and soak up the goodness of His words.  And what’s more, we have convinced ourselves this season (whatever season we are in) is not it. Continue Reading


Laid Low

I warn you, at the outset: rambling ahead.

A number of events, and some time in the good Word of God have all started to come together in order to show me something.  Something indistinct and yet, something sure.

And I cannot even begin to place the events out in a timeline for you that makes sense, but here goes.

»  A friend of mine, distant through many years passed, has lost her little girl due to cancer.  It has been a long journey which she has written about along the way.  And I have wept over that sweet little girl SO MUCH.  I have held my own two girls, girls who wore the same Old Navy pajamas she did, and thought I cannot imagine the pain of losing them.  To death, to cancer, to anything that would separate me from them.  And yet, my friend is intimately acquainted with that pain.  She shared a photo of her husband taken around the time of her daughter’s death.  And the pain is so real and so raw on his face that it remains with me.  When I am changing the sheets on my bed, it will flash before me.  When I am brushing my teeth before bed, I will remember the look.  And each time I recall it to my mind, I am crushed just a tiny bit by the weight of the loss of this sweet child. She was 6-years-old.

»  A few weeks ago, just before the death of my friend’s little 6-year-old girl, our local community was rocked by news of a car crash on a local mountain road.  A car went off the side of the mountain.  It was carrying a mother and a father and a baby (born just days apart from our own sweet little one).  The car held just two seats.  One for the mother.  And one for the father.  And not one for the baby.  That precious little life came crashing down the side of that mountain.  She was less than 6-months-old.

»  I watch documentaries in my free time.  I like a Netflix documentary at the end of a long week.  I will binge watch them in the middle of the night. My husband mentioned a documentary I might like the other day and so I put it on at the end of the day.  And watched it while my husband slept next to me in bed.  And I kind of wish I hadn’t watched this one.  But at the same time, it was the release for so much of the emotion I knew was inside, but I was not letting out.  The documentary ended with the death of another precious life – this one just 13-months-old.  This one killed by his mother, mom, I am having trouble coming up with a word that appropriately describes her relationship to him.  She was the one whom the Father of the Universe entrusted to care for this little boy.  And she was the one who killed him.

Continue Reading


How to Pick the Best Bible for you

Inductive Bible Study for Kids through the book of John. Chapter 1, verse 8 - a lesson about the witness of John

Most people don’t specifically choose their Bibles.  They are gifted one when they become a believer.  They use their grandmother’s old Bible.  They don’t know what to look for, so they just pick one that is pretty.  Some adults even still carry around their very first Bibles (often a student Bible) just because they want what is familiar to them.

But, did you know that you can pick the best Bible for you based on something concrete? Something that is measured by more than familiarity or fancy?  Based on the quality and accuracy of the translation.  And did you know there is a way to discover if the Bible you hold in your hands is a good and accurate translation?

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Devotion, Growing Up

Wisdom turned Inside Out

Some of the most interesting and fun activities are the ones that are sudden inspirations for us.  The other day we got a set of stickers for the new movie, Inside Out (a Pixar film that looks great, but we haven’t yet seen).  And the girls LOVE stickers!  G asked me immediately if we could play with the stickers.  I had grown weary of the way they have been “playing” with stickers lately – sticking them all over their bodies and then onto the tile floor for me to scrape up later; so I said, “Let’s do something special with them!”

G responded, “We could put them on paper!”

I said, “That’s a great idea!”

And in that moment a sudden inspiration hit and I knew that these stickers would be an opportunity to talk about emotions with my young ones.  And I knew I needed to take the opportunity to show them what God’s Word has to say about our emotions and help them to direct them in positive ways.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have taken the opportunity to work on each of the emotions represented in Inside Out and talk about God’s wisdom.

You see, the reason I thought it was important to talk about God’s ways of handling emotions was because I had a strong suspicion that Inside Out would in some small way glorify the emotions that are not what God wants of our kids (or us!).  I suspected they would make Anger something cute, or funny, or appealing – and I didn’t want my girls to find Anger attractive.  I also suspected that Disgust would be something that would be directed at parents or authority figures.  Again, I have not seen the movie, but I felt like I could see where they were headed.  Rather than allow my girls to watch the movie or play with the toys related to the movie and get all their concepts of emotions from them, I wanted to direct them to the Word of God. Continue Reading


Bible Study Supplies: My Must-Haves

my favorite Bible study supplies

I am an incredibly enthusiastic Bible-studier (yes, I realize I should say student, but I like my new word).  Part of my testimony of how I came to the Lord was through the faithful teaching of the Word by a truly humble man of God.  And because of his faithfulness to the Word, he imparted a LOVE for the Word of God into my life.  But I didn’t get the opportunity to really get down to learn how to study the Bible until after I got married 10 years ago.  Once I found the type of Bible study I like, I immersed myself into the world of Bible study with passion.  I am also a dutiful nerd and get a kick out of fun school supplies that I can use in my study time.  So, I thought I would share with you my must have Bible study Tools with you. Continue Reading