Growing Up

Gathering: November 2019

simple morning time practice of gathering together with family to explore art, music, truth, goodness, and beauty
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Fall has finally arrived here in the desert of Southern California! We thought it would never come. And then, suddenly it was cold in the house when we got up in the morning. Tomorrow morning we will have our first fire of the season in the fireplace – I LOVE FALL!

We love having our Gathering around the fire in the mornings. So we may have to move our Gathering for this season! This morning we had our first hot cocoa of the season during our Gathering. What a treat!

I am currently dreaming up ways of cozy-ing (cozy-fying?) our Gathering for the cooler weather. Blankets and coffee are a must for me. What do you do to make the season a bit cozier?

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Growing Up

March 2020 Gathering

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Gathering

We are limping into the last month of our winter term around here. Literally limping. I broke and sprained my ankle at the end of January and have been sporting a boot for what feels like ages. It is amazing how much life has changed by the ankle of one of us.

It feels like we have just had to cut everything down to the basic basics. And homeschool has been the priority because I don’t want to make my children suffer because I am down. We haven’t left the house for a whole lot of stuff other than our community day and Awana. I have driven our car a number of times, but we have just become homebodies in a major way.

The arrival of S-P-R-I-N-G! this month will hopefully breath freshness into our home that is palpable!

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