Cycle 3 Math + History Puzzles

I am beyond excited about this new resource!  Since I have a little Scribbler joining our homeschool this year, I wanted to start creating some things just for him.  He is a big fan of puzzles, so I put together some puzzles for him. I have seen this kind of puzzle before, but never combining so much beauty with goodness and beauty.  These are truly special!

Included in this packet of are puzzles to go with each week of the History memory work for Cycle 3.  Since the first weeks of each cycle include two skip counts, there are two puzzles for each of the first 6 weeks.  In those weeks, the extra puzzle represents a peg of the Timeline.

Each puzzle is approximately 9.5″ by 8.5″.

The packet has 29 total puzzles, as well as a glossary and reference sheet.

Also included are suggestions for printing.

For more information about the Cycle 3 Math + History Puzzles, please read this article.

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