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The ABCs of Saving Money

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ABCs of Saving Intro

Around here we like to keep it simple and we are starting with the basics (ABCs and 123s) with our little one.  We are attempting to teach her how to follow instructions of the most basic sort.  Trust me, we are starting SIMPLE!

But don’t we crave simplicity, even as adults?  I am one of those list making, instructions following people who prefer an ordered way of doing things.  But it is often overwhelming to know how to begin to save money in the home.  I mean, we have to buy things and we have to use them, so the dollars can just seem to fly by, while we live life.  Thus I thought it might be helpful to have a series on saving money that follows the ABCs.  Over the next 26 posts, you will find a tip for saving money in your home that is related to a letter of the alphabet.  We are going to keep it simple and practical.

I hope to start a dialogue with you, readers regarding the simple ways to save money.  Please feel free to comment on my techniques and offer simple solutions you use in your home.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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