Have you heard about Saxon Math?

the good, the bad, and the meh...

  • "It's the BEST math curriculum around!"
  • "It's HORRIBLE! Don't do it until your kid is in 4th or 5th grade."
  • "I LIKE it, but it takes SO much time to teach."

The Saxon Math Starter Guide helps you discover

if Saxon Math is the right fit

for you (and your elementary math student).

Send me my FREE Saxon Math Starter Guide, Please!

Here's what you'll learn inside the FREE Saxon Math Starter Guide: 

  • What makes Saxon Math unique
  • What is incremental development?
  • About constant review
  • How to use Saxon Math to give your student math confidence
  • The relationship between the Classical model & Saxon Math
  • When to use calculators vs. when to require calculations

I can't wait to encourage you on your math teaching journey.

Hi, friend. Let's get right to it - I'm not a "math person." I'm just a mom of 4 elementary-age kids, who struggled to figure out how to teach her students math.

After fits & starts, struggles & and tantrums (on my part, not my kids), I figured out how this Saxon Math thing works. And now I'm on a mission to encourage & equip other homeschool moms to help their kids have math confidence.

Looking for encouragement for this homeschool math journey? Get your Free Saxon Math Starter Guide today!