Have you heard about Saxon Math?

the good, the bad, and the meh...


....especially when it comes to math

Homeschooling Math Tip #1 : Don't rely on rumors.

You are your child's best teacher - even when it comes to math! So what works for one parent-teacher may not work for you. Trusting experienced homeschool mamas is good...to a point. But you, yourself, need some experience to know what works for you.

Homeschooling Math Tip #2: Research ahead of time.

There are lots of opinions about homeschool math, but you need real-deal information - facts. Do some research about your top three math choices. Look into how they approach math. Discover the methods for teaching it - spiral, unit studies, common core, etc.

Homeschooling Math Tip #3: Put Saxon Math in your top three.

Ok...wait. Yes, I did just tell you not to rely on rumors and take what other homeschool parents say with a grain of salt. But I want you to keep an open mind for Saxon Math...because it is AWESOMENESS in a BOX! Seriously. It has been one of the most popular choices for math in homeschools for a reason. Find out why.

Homeschooling Math Tip #4: Download the Starting with Saxon Math guide.

Since you put Saxon Math in your top three and you are doing your research, I have a little something to make it easier for you to chose. The Starting with Saxon Math guide is a FREE resource which details the ins and outs of Saxon Math in the early years. It explains the twin pillars of Saxon Math: Incremental Development and Constant Meaningful Review. Those two pillars are GOLD (not just for math, but for all learning)!

Hi, I'm Leah Hudson

I was on the struggle bus early on in our homeschool journey.  In fact, I dropped out of kindergarten math three lessons in.  Yep. 

The problem for me was I didn’t have a strong math education myself.  I didn’t have math confidence – even for the most basic concepts.  

A timely conversation with another homeschool mama friend led me to Saxon Math 1.  She actually gave me my first Saxon Math book to look through and discover for myself how I could possibly teach my kids math.  

Almost from first glance, I was smitten with the Saxon approach to math.  

Since my friend shared the blessing of Saxon Math with me, I have been on a mission to pass the blessing on to other homeschool parents.  

What's Inside the Guide?

It is a 12-page guide full of information about Saxon Math. The topics addressed in the guide include:

  • what makes Saxon Math special
  • what is incremental development?
  • about constant review
  • incremental development + constant review = math confidence
  • the classical model + Saxon Math
  • calculators vs. calculations

Starting with Saxon Math in the Early Years also has helpful articles about: 

  • timers
  • how to create systems for the year
  • helpful habits
  • my “prepare twice teach all month” prep plan
  • a FAQ

The best primer for the early-elementary years of Saxon Math

Find out what’s so great about Saxon Math


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