Saxon Math Prep Solved

Around here, we LOVE Saxon Math! We wouldn’t want to change our choice of Saxon Math.


The P-R-E-P is no joke! The prep is, simply put, enough to turn teachers into procrastinators. Especially if the teacher hasn’t prepped ahead of time.

Has this ever been you?

It is time to start Saxon math on Monday morning. You open the gargantuan Saxon Math teacher book to discover you were supposed to create some cards with meticulously drawn apples on them. (Oh, and go apple picking and pass them out to all your friends and neighbors with instructions to count all the seeds in each apple as they eat them).

If you are like me, you took one look at all that and said: “NO! I will just put it off and we can do that tomorrow.” And then life got in the way.

Tuesday morning…Saxon math time again. You still haven’t made those cards. You still haven’t gone to the grocery store. By the time you get around to making those cards and buying those apples, it is a week or more later. And you are off track…again!

Days (and weeks) like this caused us to take about a full calendar year and a half to make it through our first year of Saxon Math. I decided I was going to come up with a solution. I was going to figure out how to get through Saxon math in a reasonable amount of time.

The next year, we started in September and finished in early April. We stayed on track!! I cracked the code. <high fives!>

BUT there was STILL all that prep!

This year, I came up with a solution! And let me tell you, it WORKS!! Now I can do my simple Saxon Math prep (2 times a month) in record time. I can print and cut out (if necessary) the resources I need for the next 2 weeks and slip them into my Saxon Math folder. DONE!! So SIMPLE!

Now, I am teaching TWO levels of Saxon Math AND staying on track!!

This offer is good only for the next 30 minutes

What’s in the Teacher Companions

I put together all the “night before” resources and charts, all the extras, the shapes of specific sizes, the flash cards, the construction paper projects. AND yes, those apple cards!! I put them all into a TEACHER COMPANION for SAXON MATH. Then, I put together the Teacher Companions for Saxon Math 2 and 3. And I am sharing them with you for a limited-time offer.

The regular price for all three of the Saxon Math Teacher Companions is $24. If you buy now, you get the entire set of Saxon Math Teacher Companions (years 1, 2, and 3) for $12!!

What’s in the Teacher Companion – Saxon Math 1

Even if you have already started a year of Saxon math for your early elementary student, you can still get a HUGE benefit out of this set of Teacher Companions. Saxon Math 1 is the most prep intensive of the early elementary years. The Teacher Companion stretched itself onto 100 pages(!!) of material – that is a LOT of prep – done for you. I didn’t start creating the Saxon Math 1 Companion until we were over 25 lessons in. That was when I started looking around for solutions to the prep problem.

I didn’t find anything like what I wanted on the market, so I made it. I figured this was our second time through Saxon Math 1, and we had 2 more kids coming behind this student. It made more sense for me to make this resource ONE time and use it for ALL my students!!

There’s those blessed apples ready for you to print and cut.

If you have more than one student going through Saxon Math – this resource is FOR YOU!!

The Saxon Math 1 Teacher Companion has all the night before resources, like:

  • flashcards
  • charts
  • clocks
  • projects with pictures
  • price tags
  • counting mats
  • sequencing cards
  • and those apple cards!

This is just the first year Teacher Companion! There are two more! Get ALL THREE NOW for this limited time offer.

Not sure if the Saxon Math 1 Teacher Companion is something for you? Subscribe to Simple.Home.Blessings. and get instant access to a free sample to check out the quality resources. Use them in your homeschool prep sessions and see how useful they are! But this group of Teacher Companions will not be offered for this price again.

What’s in the Teacher Companion – Saxon Math 2

Saxon Math 2 is a bit of a transitional year. Of course, more concepts are introduced but the amount of prep dissipates a bit. A BIT. It can be tempting to think we can relax the prep work, but it can sneak up on us. Suddenly, we look down and realize we need a newspaper subscription and the innate ability to draw a perfect hexagon. The Teacher Companion still has your back with all these resources to keep you on track for the entire year!

The perfectionist in you will appreciate the chalkboard resources in this pack. Look at those perfect circles!

If you are looking for something to turn Saxon Math 2 into a more open-and-go curriculum, the Saxon Math Teacher Companion is the perfect fit for you!

The Saxon Math 2 Teacher Companion has all the “night before” resources, as well as some of the things they ask the teacher to draw on the chalkboard. Here’s a list of what you get:

  • sequencing cards
  • charts
  • fractional representations
  • projects with pictures
  • price tags and coupons
  • a counting mat
  • number lines
  • and more!

Remember, this group of Teacher Resources includes everything you need for years 1, 2, and 3!

What’s in the Teacher Companion – Saxon Math 3

Once you get to Saxon Math 3, the item on the prep list for each lesson that takes the longest amount of time is “the Problem of the Day.” Ugh. Do you really want to be writing down each and every question on a note card? And are you eventually going to just let that part of the math lesson slide because it is too much? Likely! I know I would, too…if I didn’t have it already prepped for me!!

After 2 and a half years of teaching Saxon Math, I am now starting to see the beauty of the morning math meeting. Some of the items on the daily agenda are a little tedious. But if I was going to only do a few of them, I would chose the counting, the sequencing, and the problems of the day. Numeracy, sequencing and relationships, and problem solving are all fitted into a relatively short portion of the day, every day.

Since I see the value in the problems of the day, I made sure they were all included in the Teacher Companion for Saxon Math 3. These are almost worth the entire price of the product for the time savings! I created them to be able to be printed on cardstock, cut with a paper trimmer, and stacked away at the beginning of the year. I bring them out 2 weeks at a time during my fortnightly math planning session and tuck them into my Saxon Math folder. So SIMPLE!!

There are 140 of these problems of the day, prepped for you!

If you are looking forward to the freedom of the upper elementary years, but you are still (stuck prepping and) teaching Saxon Math 3, the Saxon Math Teacher Companion is for you!

The Saxon Math 3 Teacher Companion has all the “night before” resources, as well as some of the things they ask the teacher to draw on the chalkboard. Here’s a list of some of what you get:

  • number lines
  • charts
  • maps
  • projects with pictures
  • price tags & play money
  • buying guides for kids
  • weather resources
  • and 140 problems of the day!

Now, you can get ALL these resources, from year one through year three, for an incredible price.

No thanks I love hours of prep for Saxon Math, please take me where I was going.