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Cleaning Up Clutter Fixtures, March MAIDness: Day 9

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cleaning up clutter fixtures, day 9

Yesterday’s challenge really helped to get some clutter cleared and made me breathe a little easier about the state of my home.  Whew…so, I am still on a clutter reduction kick and want to use yesterday’s tip about efficiency to inform today’s tip.

I know I cannot be the only one who has clutter fixtures in my home.  But for purposes of clarity, let’s define a clutter fixture.

clutter fixture – noun.  item placed haphazardly in an incorrect place which remains in said place for so long, it starts to  (a) look like it belongs there or (b) become invisible to the naked eye

cleaning up clutter fixtures, definition

Yep.  Those clutter fixtures…

Plain and simple, clutter fixtures are what create hoarders.  You may be thinking you are not a hoarder, so you can just go on your merry way and not have to worry about today’s post.  But, hoarders all started somewhere and it usually started with a stack of things that would be dealt with tomorrow.  Then tomorrow never came and the stuff just seemed to “fit there.”  Then there was another stack next to it, and so on into a spiral.

And the scary thing about clutter fixtures is that after a while they disappear.  Well not really, but as they are there long enough, our eyes adjust to the sight of them and they become so normal, we don’t see them.  If you walked into your living room one day and saw a horse standing there, you would be quite shocked.  But if you walked into your living room enough days and saw that same horse standing there, you would get used to the idea.  You would start to feed the horse, you would adjust your life around it.  You might even move your couch to accommodate it.  Similarly we do that with inanimate objects and clutter is born!

So what do we do to get rid of the problem items?

Open your eyes. This seems pretty simple, but it really is the first step.  Take a moment to sit in a room in your home and focus your attention on the room.  Start in one corner of the room and work slowly clockwise, asking yourself if the items you see belong in that room.  Have a piece of paper with you and take notes or make a mental list of what needs to be removed and where it needs to go.

Remove the items that don’t belong.  Don’t just take them to another room or make a stack of them in another corner of the same room.

Give the item a purpose and a place or a passport.  The way to evaluate if something stays in your home is if it is useful or meaningful.  If it meets these criteria, then you need to have a place for it to exist in your home.  This can be in plain sight or in storage; but it needs to have a place.  Otherwise, you need to issue that item a passport – get it out of your home.  Pass it along to someone else that could use it or throw it away.

Repeat.  Work systematically through your home doing these three things.  Give yourself time to get these things done, but don’t take too long.  Clutter is clever and clingy.  You must put it in it’s place.

So the challenge for today is to follow this process in one room.  Leave me a comment letting me know what room you are working on and how it this worked for you.  I can’t wait to hear about the clutter fixtures that have truly disappeared from your home.




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