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March MAIDness Day 5: Cleaning the Cleaners

Pass along this Simple.Home.Blessing.

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One week through the March MAIDness and so far so good, right?

I have been thinking about cleaning instruments lately.  Seriously…I have devoted literal moments to thinking about when and how to replace and clean my broom, mops, and sponges.  How very Martha Stewart of me.

So I thought today we would talk about the how and when of cleaning and maintaining your supplies. An artist has got to take care of her tools, right?


  • To clean – run the bristles along a hard edge surface (like a front stoop or a the edge of a piece of wood).
  • To store – Avoid storing standing up on the bristles.  Hang up on a hook in the garage or a pantry.
  • Replace when – it shows wear like broken bristles.  You can test this when you are sweeping into the dustpan.  If there is a gap in the debris that is picked up, it might be time for a replacement.


  • To clean – after each use rinse really well with hot water and squeeze out as much water as you can.  You might also check to see if your mop head is detachable and machine washable.  If it is, throw it in the washer about once a month and make sure to dry it very well before storing it.
  • To store – Do not store your mop seated in the bottom of a bucket (full or water or empty).  Rather, hang it mop side down in a well ventilated area with the bucket underneath to catch excess water.
  • Replace when – it is overly stained or smells even when it has been cleaned.


  • To clean – squeeze out excess water EVERY time you are finished using it.  Every few week or so wet the sponge and place in the microwave and heat on HIGH for 10-15 seconds. Wait for a moment to pick it up and wring it out.  You could also drop it in the basket of your dishwasher and run it with a load of dishes.
  • To store – After you have squeezed excess water out of the sponge (see how important it is) lay it on a shelf to dry or place it in a drying basket where it can drip dry.
  • Replace when – it is soiled or about every 2 weeks.  Really…every 2 weeks!


Today’s challenge is to do a check-up on your cleaning supplies.  When was the last time you replaced them?  (if you can’t remember, see Day 4 of this series and put it on the calendar for next time)  Do you need to make sure they are clean the next time you use them or has it been so long since you cleaned them, it is time to replace.  Remember your nose is a wonderful guide to what is not good for you.  If you smell mildew, there is bacteria in there.  It is time to replace.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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