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March MAIDness: Day 4 – Maintenance Schedule

Pass along this Simple.Home.Blessing.

march maidness button Yesterday, we talked about 15 minute cleaning.  It has changed my life and all that.  Today we are going to talk about some of the tougher tackles around the house.  The monthly, quarterly, and seasonal chores.

I have serious problems with these tasks.  It is not necessarily because they are difficult or time-consuming; but because I don’t have a very good memory on the timing.  I generally tend to forget if I did it last month, if I have already done it for this quarter, or if I even something in the last year.  These types of tasks are so easy to go by the wayside, because they are usually behind closed doors or under the surface type cleaning.

So, here is my solution.

Go digital with reminders and calendars.  I love a good paper planner just as much as anyone.  I still get a student one every back to school season.  But, if I never open the planner, it does me no good.  I am more likely to login to my email, so it is the perfect place to receive updates about my home.  I have a Hotmail account and it has a calendar function which will email me regarding my tasks and events.  If I take about an hour at the beginning of the year to fill out a household calendar with tasks that need to be done weekly, monthly, or quarterly and ask it to email me reminders; I will be on track for the entire year!  Talk about time well spent!  And my calendar function has the ability to add charms to the events.  They have a charm of a house, so it is perfect for marking my household chores.

Now that you have a way to record what needs to be done, here are some things to think about putting on your to-do list:


  • vacuum or wipe down window treatments, dust/vacuum out casings
  • sanitize remote controls, light switches and doorknobs
  • wash out trash bins/liners
  • flush sink drains
  • dust ceiling and stand alone fans
  • launder comforters/blankets/duvet covers
  • vacuum couches and rotate cushions
  • clean out freezer compartment of refrigerator/pantry
  • run clean cycle on your washer/dishwasher


  • clean out closet (remove old, worn out, out-dated apparel)
  • clean shower heads
  • wipe out cabinet shelves throughout home (de-clutter while you are at it)
  • wipe down walls
  • flip/rotate your mattresses
  • change air filters (more frequently, if necessary)
  • clean oven

So the challenge for today: decide what needs to be done on a monthly and quarterly basis and set up a wireless reminder system to keep you on track for the rest of the year.



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