October 2020 Gathering Placemats

Having trouble fitting all the wonderful riches you want to share with your kids into your days?  The Gathering placemats are the solution!

Carefully curated for you, they include:

  • four beautiful pieces of art
  • a hymn
  • Bible verses
  • memory work
  • poetry
  • nursery rhymes
  • vocabulary building with Latin Roots
  • and MORE!!

Each set comes with FOUR placemat options, with instructions for printing.

Octoberber 2020 details:

This month’s set of Gathering placemats is perhaps the most history driven set of the year.  It is a deep dive into the life of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor of Europe during the time of the Protestant Reformation.

  • Artist: Titian
  • Hymn: Break Thou the Bread of Life
  • Poem: “Lend a Hand” from McGuffey’s Third Reader

Click here to see the Gathering FAQ.

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