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ABCs of Saving: Opt In for Offers

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ABCs of Saving Opt In for Offers

I talked about creating an email account to corral all the sale notifications and coupons without filling up your personal email account in the ABCs of Saving: Email Yourself Deals, so this is a kind of follow-up to that tip.

Once you have an email account set up for your deals, make sure to opt-in for emails for all your favorite and most frequented stores.  When you do, make sure you do a few things:

Uncheck the box that asks if you would like to be on partner’s email lists. This is a spam magnet! It will turn your deals account into a nightmare because you will get all sorts of emails unrelated to what you like the most.

Unsubscribe to stores you no longer shop or are no longer interested in.  Go through your email on a regular schedule and click to have them take you off the list.  If you are really not going to take advantage of the sales and deals they offer, get rid off them.  You can always opt-in again (usually with the advantage of a coupon) when you are interested in hearing from them again.

Check your deals email often.  The reason these retailers are sending emails is to alert their customers of limited offers.  Create a time to check your account regularly, deleting emails that do not interest you, flagging the ones you want to remember to read about further.

Open for Offers.  Sometimes the best deals are hidden.  You can get bonus points for a rewards program, offers for free items, etc.  You will never know what you are missing out on, if you don’t read them!


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