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Pennies from Heaven

Friday Find: Eleventh Avenue

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.  I bring you the products I think you will love.  And when you click over and make a purchase, I get small remuneration at no added cost to you.

One of my go-to shopping spots is Groopdealz.  They are a curated shopping site that offers a lot of great deals each day on things I LOVE.  I mostly shop their home products, but I have purchased some of their clothing and jewelry deals in the past and have loved everything I have ordered from them.

But today it got even better: Groopdealz is now Eleventh Avenue.  When I got the notice saying that they had changed their name, I was so excited!  For those of you who don’t know, all of our family days are on the eleventh of the month.  Our anniversary is on September 11th, our first born on June 11th, and our youngest on October 11th!  So, my head and my heart leans toward eleven!  Now I get to shop for fun things for our home from Eleventh Avenue! Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

ABCs of Saving: Identify Key Shopping Times

This entry is part 10 of 16 in the series ABCs of Saving

Today’s savings tip: Identify key shopping/sales times (of the week, month, and year).

Weekly: Check with your local grocer often or make friends with one of the managers to find out when they do their markdowns.  By going on the day they mark things down in the produce, meat, and dairy departments, you can get items for less while they still have a little life in them.  I have noticed that our local Super Target puts high value coupons on their meats on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I have found some great bargains by shopping on these days.   I found this schedule for weekly markdowns at Target:

MONDAY- Kids clothes, electronics TUESDAY- Women’s clothes, domestics WEDNESDAY- Men’s clothes, toys, health and beauty THURSDAY- Lingerie, shoes, housewares, sporting goods FRIDAY- Cosmetics, hardware, auto, jewelry

Keep in mind that you may need to shop later in the day or the next morning for the items you are looking for in order to get the deals before they are all gone. Also, once you know an item has been put on the clearance rack, you know what day to go back to see if it is marked down even more (if you are waiting for the rock bottom price).


Monthly:  Some major big box stores have markdowns on seasonal items almost monthly.  By watching your local store closely, you can figure out when they usually do their markdowns on clearance items.  Shop these stores at those times and you can save yourself some serious cash.


Yearly: Knowing what time of year retailers are clearing out their inventory to make room for more stock will help you to get some savings off of major ticket items.  Stores have typical months of the year where you can find specific items on sale.   Here is an abbreviated list:

January: linens, small home appliances, holiday/fall seasonal, workout items, baby supplies/items

February: jewelry, perfume, small gift items

March: spring fashions, luggage, gardening supplies

April: bridal gowns, paint, garden supplies

May: home maintenance items (for spring cleaning), small gift items

June: fishing and camping gear, building materials

July: school supplies, school clothing (some states have a tax holiday for these items), sports equipment, baby supplies/items, toys

August: summer clothing, school supplies, lawn and garden items

September: outdoor items (grills, gardening supplies, furniture)

October: cars, appliances, toys

November: blankets and quilts, heating devices

December: Fall clothing, gifts, seasonal items


By knowing these key times to shop, you can cut down your bills by quite a bit.

Pennies from Heaven

ABCs of Saving: Dedicate Yourself To Plan

This entry is part 5 of 16 in the series ABCs of Saving

Today’s saving tip is:

Dedicate yourself to plan shopping trips.

If you were to ask almost all savings mavens what the top three savings tips they could give to others, I can almost guarantee, they would say planning is one of them.  Without a plan, the store can be a wallet waiting to be emptied.  And the retailers mean for it to be this way.  They pay people lots of money to figure out how to get more of yours.  Everything from the colors on the walls to the music playing overhead is part of a great big conspiracy to get your hard earned cash.

So, how do you fight this enemy?  Planning.

If you want to save money you will dedicate the time.  If I were to hire you to save me money and I told you I was going to pay you $10/hour, you might be a little more apt to want to do it.  So, why not want to do it for yourself and your family?  The time you put into planning your trips to whatever store you are going to will save you money.  So, while it is not exactly like making money, you will at least keep more of the money you worked so hard to earn.

So, here’s what this looks like in our home:

I try to go to the grocery store one to two times a week.  I also try to go to the local drugstores as deals are worth it (about 2-3 a month).  I go to the mall about once every 2-3 months.   We also go to one of the big bulk stores about once every 2-3 months.

A Time:  Each week, on Sunday night, I sit down and sort my coupons, cut coupons from that day’s paper, cut coupons that I printed during the week, organize my coupons, and look at the ads for the week. I also get rid of expired coupons so I don’t get excited about a deal that I missed out on.

A Place:  I keep all these things, including my scissors in one place and then go sit in the living room and work while I listen to music or something playing on the TV.

The Plan:

For the grocery store, I start with a meal plan for the week and then look through the ads to see where I can get the best deals on what I plan to eat.  Some people do this the other way around, and it works both ways.  Once I have my meal plan, I write down all the items I need to make those meals happen minus the items I already have on hand in my pantry.  Then I think through the coupons I have and determine if I can save some money on what I need.  Doing coupon matching before going to the store keeps me from spending a really long time looking through coupons while I am at the store.

After I have my plan and my coupons, I ONLY buy what is on the list when I get to the store.  This is where the savings really happen!  When you are only getting what you know you need, you don’t come home with a bunch of impulse buys that destroy your grocery budget.

For the drugstores, I start with the ads for the week.  I only plan to go to these types of stores when a) I need something or b) there is an amazing deal on something I know I will use.  So, with these two things in mind, I plan my trips to the drugstores in a similar way to my grocery store trips – keeping in mind all my coupons and only planning to buy what is on my list.  Staying out of the store when I don’t need anything keeps me from spending money.  How many times have you run into the drugstore to get just one thing and come out with a bag full of miscellaneous items you didn’t need until you walked in the door?  I know I have, and so I make sure I have a plan when those automatic doors welcome me in.

For the mall, my techniques are simple.  Stay far, far away!  I ONLY go to the mall when I absolutely have to because window shopping can easily work into impulse buys and frivolous spending.  Often, I only go to the mall when I have a set of stores I have coupons for and I plan my way through the mall before I get there.  I figure out where I am going to park and what route to take, creating a path of least temptation for myself as I walk into the lion’s den of merchandise.

For the big bin stores, we only go every 2-3 months, so I keep a short list of the things we need when we go the next time and try to shop ONLY for these things.  I also get coupons on a monthly basis from these stores, so I look them over to see if any of the savings are worth it and ignore the items I know are not a good buy based on price per unit.  For more about how to buy in bulk, check out my post in this series on Bulk Buys.

Short disclaimer here:  I am in no way perfect on this basic tenet of saving, but I have found that I do save more when I dedicate myself to have a plan.  I realize it takes a little more work before hitting the store; but I have found it saves money and time as I do my shopping.

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