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Growing Up

July 2019 Gathering

Gathering - morning time place mats for your kids. Finally get to the art study, hymns, and Bible memory work you have been wanting to get to, effortlesslessly
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Since I finally settled on the idea of creating placemats for our Gathering (our morning time) a few months ago, we have enjoyed them as a family immensely! I toil on them as often as possible in an attempt to get all of this coming school year’s placemats created and ready to go…before the first day of school.

We are a modified year-round schooling family, so it is busy around here even in the summer. And June was a CRAZY busy month, filled with lots of unexpected adventures. I created our June placemats knowing that most of the time we would not be at home to enjoy them.

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Nest Building

Morning and Evening Routines

This entry is part 29 of 41 in the series Hope for Homemakers

If you are following along in our Hope for Homemakers journey, you are likely getting up a little bit earlier than you were a couple of weeks ago.  You may be only getting up 15 to 30 minutes earlier, but you are an earlier riser (not a necessarily happy, early riser).  And you may be still struggling to make those few extra minutes count.  You may also be getting tired earlier in the evening.  If you are listening to your body and heading to bed, you are doing great!  We didn’t start rising earlier just to feel sleep deprived and exhausted, but to get a couple of extra things done while the house is quiet. Continue Reading

Nest Building

Early Morning Routines for Devotions

This entry is part 28 of 41 in the series Hope for Homemakers

As I have embarked on the next challenge for our Hope for Homemakers series (getting up early), I have noticed or been reminded of some things:

I don’t like to get up early! I really don’t.  I LOVE sleep, love it!

But, when I wake up early and it is quiet in the house; I have more options of what to accomplish to start my day.

I can do any number of relatively quiet activities: clean a space of the house, start laundry, wash dishes, sweep and mop the floors, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, watch a TV program, exercise (for the record I have NEVER chosen this), make my bed, take a shower, or do Bible study.  And almost immediately upon waking up, breaking the fog of sleep come these choices.  I immediately set about making decisions about how I will spend my time.  Continue Reading

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