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DIY Knockoff Chainmail Lamp

DIY Chain-mail Knockoff Lamp in Entryway

We had a mishap a little while back with the lamp in our entry way.  It got broken.  It happens – no big deal.  And our entry way is relatively dark, requiring a lamp for when guests are over, so they can find their way in and out of the house.

But replacing a lamp is not very easy in our house.  My husband has strong opinions about two things decor related: lamps and rugs.  It is not that he doesn’t have strong opinions about other things, it is more that he and I see eye-to-eye on everything else.  I tend to be more accepting of lighting options in general.  He seems to be particular.  And though we have been married for almost 10 years, I have yet to discern what appeals to him.  He is like a moving target in regards to lamps – I can’t pin him down. Continue Reading

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