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Wisdom turned Inside Out

Some of the most interesting and fun activities are the ones that are sudden inspirations for us.  The other day we got a set of stickers for the new movie, Inside Out (a Pixar film that looks great, but we haven’t yet seen).  And the girls LOVE stickers!  G asked me immediately if we could play with the stickers.  I had grown weary of the way they have been “playing” with stickers lately – sticking them all over their bodies and then onto the tile floor for me to scrape up later; so I said, “Let’s do something special with them!”

G responded, “We could put them on paper!”

I said, “That’s a great idea!”

And in that moment a sudden inspiration hit and I knew that these stickers would be an opportunity to talk about emotions with my young ones.  And I knew I needed to take the opportunity to show them what God’s Word has to say about our emotions and help them to direct them in positive ways.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have taken the opportunity to work on each of the emotions represented in Inside Out and talk about God’s wisdom.

You see, the reason I thought it was important to talk about God’s ways of handling emotions was because I had a strong suspicion that Inside Out would in some small way glorify the emotions that are not what God wants of our kids (or us!).  I suspected they would make Anger something cute, or funny, or appealing – and I didn’t want my girls to find Anger attractive.  I also suspected that Disgust would be something that would be directed at parents or authority figures.  Again, I have not seen the movie, but I felt like I could see where they were headed.  Rather than allow my girls to watch the movie or play with the toys related to the movie and get all their concepts of emotions from them, I wanted to direct them to the Word of God. Continue Reading

Growing Up, Nest Building

Clean Kids Rooms Every Day – DAY 1

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Kids Clean Room Challenge

Do you struggle to keep your little ones rooms clean on a daily and weekly basis?  Do you find it hard to fit it in amongst all the naps and playing?  Are you frustrated to find your hard work cleaning undone in a matter of seconds?

Me, too!

So this week I am pledging to do something about it!  I am setting up a cleaning schedule for my little ones’ room that won’t take too much time out of the day and is easily maintained (with some help from the kids!).  And I am calling it the Kid’s Clean Room Challenge. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Modern Lullabies for a new Generation

Do you sing to your kids before bed?  Did your parents sing to you when you were little?

I don’t remember if my parents sang to me, but some of my earliest memories are associated with music.  Music was always playing in our house and I can mark specific times in my life by very specific songs.  I hope to pass along a love of good music to my little ones.  And though most people would discourage my singing (the voice is just not what I would hope), my little ones think I have a beautiful voice!  I sing to my girls every day throughout the day, but I like for bedtime to be a little bit more routine and I have a repertoire that includes a handful of songs.

I thought I would share our favorite modern lullabies for a new generation: Continue Reading


Spirit-Led Parenting: A Helper

Sometimes God has a way of hitting me over the head with a truth from His Word!  Does that ever happen to you?  It seems to happen to  quite often in relation to parenting.  God is sanctifying me by giving me the opportunity to serve my daughters as we raise them trying to point them to Jesus.  And sometimes, I seriously fail!  And sometimes, I have those lightning bolt moments where there is a connection made, a wall broken down, a new understanding  gained.

I am in the midst of co-leading a Bible study on Romans 6-8 – the topic of sanctification.  And we just finished observing and interpreting chapter 7 (yeah – the difficult chapter).  I watched the video of Kay Arthur teaching on the chapter twice (once in preparation and once in class) and God impressed upon me one of the illustrations Kay used regarding the first 6 verses of chapter 7.  Continue Reading

Devotion, Growing Up

The Power of Calling Your Kids Good Names

October was recently dubbed Anti-Bullying Awareness Month (or something like that) and the topic has been in the news quite a lot lately.  Everywhere you go you see someone with something to say about the current situation facing kids in schools today.  Our kids are pre-school age and so we thankfully have not had to face any of these things.  Sure our little ones have friends who take away their toys and struggle with sharing, but those things are just the early part of the process of learning how to treat one another.

But the current events regarding bullies and their victims got me thinking about the power of words on people of all ages.  Our words can be used as a healing salve or they can be daggers to the heart and spirit of man.  And I am constantly reminded when talking with my little ones how careful I need to be in choosing my words. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Early Development, Learning, and Fun: Baby Play – Sound

Baby play - sound
This entry is part 3 of 29 in the series Baby Days


The sitting, early crawling stage is such fun for babies and parents!  It is a time of exploration, discovery, and enlightenment.  We so enjoyed this stage with our first one but with time constraints couldn’t write it down and save it.  That is why I am so excited to be able to record the baby play activities we are doing with our W.

I love having some one on one time with her and being intentional about the brief quiet moments we have together.  So, while her big sister is napping we PLAY!  She develops, learns and has lots of fun (Oh, and I guess I do too!).

Here is how we first explored sound together: Continue Reading


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